Fit For Your Body

The Agility collection is like no other mattress on the market. It's a varying combination of Posturefil Coils, Posturefil HD Micro Coils, Latex and high density foams. The Posturefil & Posturefil HD Micro Coils are not stitched, glued, or sewn like other pocket coils; instead, they are encased in a three - way stretch fabric, which allows them to move and bend in a 360 - degree circular motion.

Posturefil and Posturefil HD Micro Coils

These patented coils allow a free range of movement enabling the Agility Mattress to very quickly respond to movement on the mattress surface in an agile manner. This quick response also provides a very agile sleep surface to the mattress, allowing it to become highly resistant to body impressions and sagging. These patented innersprings offer unique body support unmatched by conventional springs. With high pocket spring count and flexibility, these springs cradle the contours of the body. The springs have breathability designed into them – air channels and chambers help distribute air around the mattress, allowing it to ‘breathe’ using the unique micro mesh technology fabric for unrestricted level of airflow. The springs are 3 Dimensional, thus resulting in them contouring the body shape. The springs help distribute your body weight between a greater number of springs so as to reduce the build-up of pressure points.

The natural latex adds comfort and contouring support performance. The result of combining these ingredients together in different mattress models makes for what may be the world's most comfortable and supportive mattress.