Nothing beats the natural feel of Latex

When it comes to the kind of cushioning that only Mother Nature can provide, nothing rivals Pure Latex Foam. Nothing has the feel and support of pure, natural latex. For years it has been known to be the most supportive, durable and luxurious sleep surface available. Latex conforms to the shape of your body, providing incredible comfort and outstanding orthopedic support.

Natural is healthier

Naturally breathable, anti microbial and dust mite resistant, Latex is also ideal for allergy sufferers. Being mildew proof, it also performs excellently in warmer living climates. Latex is more breathable than any synthetic foam.

How can the world’s most natural sleep surface be improved upon?

The world's most natural sleep surface just got better with our exclusive design – Pure Touch with Gel. Gel infused Latex takes your sleeping comfort to the next level. Gel Infused Latex reaches heat saturation significantly slower, heat penetrates much less deep, it re-generates faster to its original temperature & shows lower moisture infiltration.