Everyone needs some Support...

...and a little pressure relief

Memory Touch line of bedding consists of products developed using pressure relieving Visco Elastic Foam – which was initially developed for NASA. Today, the same technology is in every Memory Touch mattress. Therapedic goes a step further and has infused the Visco Elastic Foam with Gel.

Gel infused Memory Foam beds offer the ideal balance of comfort and support, while keeping you cool from dusk to dawn.

Our Memory Touch with Gel collection is made using a pre-polymer that is added and “swirled” into the foam compound as it is made, giving the product better adherence to the foam and resulting in greater gel coverage, which keeps you cool and comfortable, while offering contouring and pressure relief.

The open cell design of the gel-memory foam supports air and moisture movement while improving blood flow and oxygen exposure to skin cells. This technology allows for 30% better heat conductivity than any other foam product on the market. The heat from your body dissipates instead of collecting in your mattress, which helps you maintain a cool, comfortable temperature all night long.

Research shows the foam in the Memory Touch with Gel mattress improves pressure point relief and increases body support up to 40%.The swirl gel memory foam allows these beds to sleep cooler than traditional foam.