Additional support

Where you need it most...

...It’s back sense.

Our exclusive HOUR GLASS feature increases support firmness by 18% at the shoulders & hips and 13% at the lumbar area. This exclusive, enhanced support grid increases firmness in critical areas. The human body has an “S” shaped spine which lends flexibility to body movements and absorbs horizontal body pressure. It also helps maintaining the body alignment. Each Vertebra is held in place by 3 different kinds of soft tissue – discs, ligaments and muscles. Almost all back problems are related to the dysfunction of one of these three. With our long history of research and study, Therapedic engineers and experts are proud to present the BACK SENSE Mattress – state of the art in its Chiropractic Medical Mattress Industry.

Maintain proper spinal alignment

Research has shown that anatomically correct support for your spine helps keep your back healthy and can have therapeutic benefits. To maintain proper spinal alignment, our Hour Glass Back Support System provides zones of support for the different regions of your spine. This allows you to rest in a completely neutral position for optimum rest and recovery.