Who Needs Excess Pressure ?

Gel Infused Memory Foam

Therapedic introduces the state of the art Gel Infused Memory Foam, which gives you the dual benefit of the advantages of Visco Elastic Foam + the Cooling Effect of Gel. Phase changing gel beads are added to visco foam, which can liquefy and absorb heat and become more solid and release it within a certain temperature range. (it “regulates” in both directions). Phase change materials enhances dissipation of your body heat instead of it being collected in your mattress.

Luxurious Support And Comfort With MEMORY TOUCH with GEL

Luxurious support and comfort with MEMORY TOUCH with GEL Therapedic mattresses are made with temperature and pressure sensitive Visco-elastic or "memory" foam. This leading -technology product conforms to your body, providing both outstanding support and unsurpassed comfort.

Space Age Technology

Visco-elastic foam was developed by NASA to provide cushioning and support for its astronauts, protecting them from the intense pull of gravity during launch. This same leading-technology product is in every MEMORY TOUCH with GEL mattress, giving you that same cushioning and support so that your spine stays properly aligned and you get a more restful night's sleep.

Superior pressure relief

When you lie down on an MEMORY TOUCH with GEL mattress, the foam quickly conforms to every contour of your body, distributing your weight evenly across the sleep surface. This even distribution, in turn, reduces pressure, eliminating the restlessness that disrupts a good night's sleep, and increases circulation to tired, aching muscles

You'll love how you start each day

Independent studies show that sleeping on a mattress that reduces pressure points can improve your quality of sleep, and consequently increase your mental acuity, energy levels and well being. With a MEMORY TOUCH with GEL Mattress, you'll wake up every morning feeling refreshed. Why? Because our unique, low-pressure sleep surface “takes the pressure off,” allowing you to enjoy a deeper, more restful, sleep.