Posturfil Micro coils

Therapedic has brought the coil technology to the sleeping surface, especially when coils are integrated with the proper foam grades, can create an excellent and durable sleeping experience. Besides, this acts as a great solution to the “Body Impressions” in the thickly upholstered one sided mattresses. Micro coils create a supportive, flexible, pressure relieving effect. They cradle your body. The encased micro coils are wrapped in a see through mesh fabric that allows maximum air circulation.

A mini pocketed spring layer (1.5 Inches) that offers support to the natural arch of the lumbar region. It's a cross between the spring and a filling and is a superior alternative to the PU Foam normally used in mattresses. As the spring is under tension within the pocket, it will never lose height and is an important element in retaining the loft of the mattress. Typically there are approx 1000 Posturfil in each layer of a Queen sized (150cm) mattress.

High Density POSTUREFIL Pocketed Coils (HD) - Similar to Posturfil, but has more than twice as many springs, in fact over 2000 in each layer of a Queen sized (150cm) mattress. HD has a lesser Dia and smaller height (0.75 Inches) and is the world's first pressure reliving pocketed spring moving freely with the contours of your body and providing exceptional comfort and support.